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How to Use Christmas Lights Anywhere But Your Christmas Tree

You may not think of it from the name, but Christmas lights have plenty more uses other than just around the holiday season. These little lights have several applications both inside and outside the home, and if you aren’t using Christmas lights to add some decoration around your home, you may be missing out on tons of easy ... More

What the Heck is Mudjacking?

The concrete around your home plays a critical role in keeping your house up to code and safe. Your foundation, front sidewalk, and driveway are all likely constructed from concrete. The concrete provides a solid surface for you, your home, and car to sit on, so it’s very important that is stays in good repair and level. ... More

What is Residential Construction?

In the world of private construction, there are two main categories. Commercial, and residential construction. Some differences should immediately jump out at you, commercial construction is construction where people work, and residential construction is where people live, right? This is true, but there is more to it than that. ... More

How LED Light Bulbs Can Save You Time and Money

It happens to everyone. That light bulb you just replaced six months ago has burned out again, and when you go to the store to buy a replacement, you’re faced with an entire aisle of options. Incandescents, LED’s, halogens, and CFL’s are all common household light bulbs that come in several shapes, sizes and watts. With ... More

3 Ways to Shred Documents Without a Shredder

It seems like every day there is a new form of fraud making headlines in the news. In an age of innovative technology, you would think that there would be ways to prevent hackers from stealing credit card numbers, personal information and even your identity. Unfortunately, there are only a small handful of programs out there ... More