What the Heck is Mudjacking?

The concrete around your home plays a critical role in keeping your house up to code and safe. Your foundation, front sidewalk, and driveway are all likely constructed from concrete. The concrete provides a solid surface for you, your home, and car to sit on, so it’s very important that is stays in good repair and level. There are elements around such as underground tree roots, soil conditions, underground water flows, and other factors that could compromise this integrity of this concrete by pushing it up or pulling it down. This would normally force the homeowner’s hand into having this concrete replaced, but now there is mudjacking.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking and pressure grouting, is a concrete leveling technique and alternative to replacing or having to do extensive repairs on a portion of your driveway that has sunk into the ground, creating an unlevel and hazardous surface.

How Does Mudjacking Work?

Mudjacking uses hydraulic pressure to lift a concrete slab back into its intended position. A concrete company will cut a series of holes into the concrete before snaking down hoses underneath the portion of concrete that needs to be set.

After the hoses are set the concrete contractor will pump grout, polyurethane foam, or other mixtures underneath the slab to fill in the void and then raise the concrete to its proper level. Once the slab is in position the workers will fill in the holes, leaving you with a perfectly level slab of concrete.

Advantages of Mudjacking Over Concrete Replacement

  • Mudjacking has several advantages over traditional replacement such as:
  • Less expensive than replacement
  • Almost no waste
  • Will leave your concrete stronger than before.
  • Much less time and labor involved with mudjacking, most jobs take less than a day
  • Minimal obtrusiveness in the area, and minimal disruption to your home.

Disadvantages of Mudjacking over Concrete Replacement

  • Driveway typically needs to be 4” thick for mudjacking to work
  • Will not fix concrete that is aged
  • Can create cracks and other issues

So the next time you see a slab of concrete in your area that has sunken into the ground, don’t pout over the cost and headaches of replacement. Give your local concrete or mudjacking company a call to come help fix the issue in a much easier way.

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