What is Polyurethane concrete raising?

Polyurethane concrete raising or mudjacking is a newer method of lifting and leveling concrete. Various marketers behind polyurethane foam 'mudjacking' pitch it as a reliable, cost-effective solution to raising, and leveling concrete such as patios, driveways and even foundations.A 5/8" hole is drilled through the slab and into the ... More

Junk Removal Denver

Feature: 5280 Junk Removal

Company Name: 5280 Junk Removal Services: Junk Removal Denver, Dumpster Rentals Website: www.5280junkremoval.com Location: Denver, Colorado Service Area: Colorado Front Range Estimates: FREEThis week, 5280 Junk Removal is our featured home service company who offers professional residential, commercial and now, industrial junk ... More

Got Junk? Feature: Junk Removal in Denver

Junk removal is big business, it's also a big nuisance for renters, property owners, construction sites and HOAs alike.5280 Junk Removal is a Denver junk removal company that was started based on a need. More and more people around Colorado have been 'stuck with junk' because of the extream cost to get it removed. 5280 Junk Removal came ... More

South Denver Roofing

Introducing South Denver Roofing

Best Colorado Contractors couldn't be more excited for the launch of South Denver Roofing.South Denver Roofing was inspired by growing number of complaints regarding roofing scams around the Denver metro area. The idea started in Castle Rock, Colorado with the launch of Castle Rock Roofers. Due to its wild success, we decided to expand ... More

Christmas lights

How to Use Christmas Lights Anywhere But Your Christmas Tree

You may not think of it from the name, but Christmas lights have plenty more uses other than just around the holiday season. These little lights have several applications both inside and outside the home, and if you aren’t using Christmas lights to add some decoration around your home, you may be missing out on tons of easy character. ... More