How to Use Christmas Lights Anywhere But Your Christmas Tree

You may not think of it from the name, but Christmas lights have plenty more uses other than just around the holiday season. These little lights have several applications both inside and outside the home, and if you aren’t using Christmas lights to add some decoration around your home, you may be missing out on tons of easy character. Let’s get some ideas on where you can use these neat little lights other than just on a Christmas tree.

3 Ways to Use LED Christmas Lights Anywhere But Your Christmas Tree

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can lend a cozy atmosphere to any outdoor living space, and you can use outdoor Christmas lights for outdoor lighting. You can use outdoor Christmas light for ambient lighting underneath outdoor furniture, to make lit pathways with string Christmas lights and wooden poles, or to make an overhead display. If you outdoor space is missing something, it could be LED Christmas lights.

Soft Lighting in the House

LED Christmas lights can lend a soft, warm glow to any room in your house. Think your entertainment room, home theatre, reading room, and other areas of the home where you can use soft, ambient lighting for proper atmosphere. A simple idea is to string the lights along the top of the wall along all four walls for a great atmosphere. Experiment with different types and wattages to find the perfect brightness and color for your home.

Accent Walls and Features

Christmas lights are a great way to accent any certain features of your home, both inside and out. You can string a row of Christmas lights over the top of your China cabinet, along the outside of your bay windows during the holiday season, or along a room that displays artwork. If there’s any area of your home that you want to “pop,” than you’ll find that Christmas lights can be useful to make this happen.

Just buy purchasing a simple string of lights, you can bring a soft atmosphere or character to any room in your house, or outdoor living spaces. Try out some ideas on your own to see how LED Christmas lights can change your home for the better.

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