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Can You Repair Asphalt Yourself?

When you purchase a house, the goal is often to make it a home. Painting the walls, hanging photos, and decorating with furniture that matches your style is the best way to create comfort and personality within your home. The majority of the focus is on the interior, often saving the exterior for a later time. The same is true ... More

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hiring a Contractor?

When you purchase a house, it’s likely that you also purchase homeowners insurance, which is designed to protect your property from damage to the house itself, or to the possessions within. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or property. This means, if someone becomes injured ... More

Does Your Basement Need Finishing?

When it comes to the value of your home, one thing is for sure: if you have an unfinished basement, there is always room for improvement. Your home is likely the greatest investment you’ll ever make. For most homeowners, maintaining the value and livability of their home is always in their best interest. Many homes have ... More

What is Screen Printing?

Custom shirts, hats, T-shirts, bags, water bottles and other objects of all kinds are the most popular options for branding your business, and advertising in a unique way. Screen printing is a stencil printing technique that passes ink through a mesh “screen” to apply a desired image onto an object. History of Screen ... More

How to Shred a Document at Home

Identity theft, fraudulent charges and false authorization are common things that almost everyone has a story about. Whether it’s noticing a $500 charge on your credit card, or learning for the first time that you authorized a specific activity, your personal information can be used by the wrong people all too easily. ... More