What is Screen Printing?

Custom shirts, hats, T-shirts, bags, water bottles and other objects of all kinds are the most popular options for branding your business, and advertising in a unique way. Screen printing is a stencil printing technique that passes ink through a mesh “screen” to apply a desired image onto an object.

History of Screen Printing

Screen printing was first used over 2000 years ago by the Chinese. The screen, now made of polyester was formed by stretching human hair across a wooden frame. They would attach a stencil to the screen, often made of leaves, and imprint it on a desired object. Years later, the Japanese adopted the process of screen printing, but used woven silk to create the screen rather than human hair.

Through the years, various screen printing techniques have led the process to be called several different names. The technique is generally the same, but has traditionally been known as screen printing or silkscreen printing because of the materials used prior to the invention of polyester mesh.

Screen Printing Today

Synthetic threads are the most common material used in modern screen printing processes. In addition to polyester mesh, some screen printing materials also include the use of nylon and stainless steel. The various types and sizes of mesh ultimately determine the finished look and design of the final product.

Screen Printing Applications

Used for more than just advertising, screen printing is a widely popular technique for general branding applications. When you purchase a CD from the store, the image on the disc is screen printed. Cotton, silk and polyester fabrics can all be screen printed directly onto for name personalization, family reunions, and adult football or softball leagues. Beyond fabrics, screen printing can produce posters, flyers, signs, bus advertisements, and even watch dials.

The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Imprinting images, logos, names and designs onto customized merchandise, give-aways, or handouts, is a proven method in free advertising, and a marketing technique that leaves a lasting impression.

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