How to Have a Perfect Lawn

Everyone wants a nice, green lawn. However, did you know there is more to maintaining your front yard other than just cutting it on the weekends? Consistent and dedicated lawn care is essential to have a healthy front yard. To ensure an incredible and perfect yard, first find out if you have a cool season or warm season grass. This will make maintaining them different according to which variety you have. Here are three tips to make sure your yard looks good all year long.

1) Height of Blade

Blade height is crucial when it comes to grass. If you cut your grass too short in the summer, it will cause stress to the grass and also reduce its resistance to weeds. It is also more likely to dry out and die because of the stress the short blade. A good rule of thumb is to not cut your grass more than a third of the total grass length. Grass variety also depends on the length you should cut, depending on if it’s a cool season or warm season grass. As long as you know which kind you have, one simple Google search will tell you the optimal length for your grass.     

2) Fertilize. Fertilize. Fertilize.

For an incredible lawn, fertilize every six to eight weeks. Think about it as 2-3-3. Fertilize twice in the spring, three times in the summer and three times in the fall. The key is to make sure the application of fertilizer is even among seasons and you’re not over fertilizing or under fertilizing. For cool season grass, do not fertilize during the dead heat of summer. The growth has already slowed down and fertilizing it can cause the grass to weaken. For warm season grass, start fertilizing in late spring and into the early fall.

3) Water but Don’t Drown Your Yard

While you shouldn’t neglect your yard by not watering it for long periods of time, you also should have the sprinklers running all day, everyday. The recommended amount of water per week for you lawn is up to an inch. The optimal time to water your lawn is during the morning so the grass will have time to dry during the day. Have you tried artificial grass? Also be aware of your grass, if it looks like it needs more water, then water more often and if it appears to be healthy, cut back on your water usage to conserve it.

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