Snow on the ground

How to Protect Your Garden From Snow and Ice

April showers bring May flowers. When the October frost dates come around, those beautiful spring and summer gardens are vulnerable to winter weather damage. Protect your garden during cold winter months with these tips from gardening experts. What Should You Do Before the Snow Hits? Start by “winter-proofing” your garden during the ... More

Snow on the ground

How to Remove Snow Properly

Colorado weather is notorious for bringing extreme weather conditions to places all along the front range. On average, the state sees anywhere from 60 inches, to 80 inches of snowfall, annually. Many areas have strict snow removal laws, requiring residents to clear the sidewalk within 24-hours of when the snow stops falling. Shoveling can be ... More

How to Have a Perfect Lawn

Everyone wants a nice, green lawn. However, did you know there is more to maintaining your front yard other than just cutting it on the weekends? Consistent and dedicated lawn care is essential to have a healthy front yard. To ensure an incredible and perfect yard, first find out if you have a cool season or warm season grass. This will make ... More