What is the Colorado Contractors Association?

The Colorado Contractors Association, or CCA, is a professional organization of contractors that do business in the state of Colorado. It’s important to understand what this trade group is and why it matters, so we’re diving deep into the CCA so that you can learn more about it as a potential customer of one of these businesses.

The Colorado Contractors Association was founded way back in 1933 when a need arose for a group of knowledgeable, hard-working general contractors to share information among themselves. Back then, there was no internet, no online reviews, and much fewer ways of keeping contractors accountable. This meant that the CCA had its work cut out for it.

A Legacy of Quality Workmanship

What began as a loosely-organized group of well-meaning business owners blossomed into the CCA of today, which includes more than 400 firms located throughout the state of Colorado. According to the CCA website, located at www.coloradocontractors.org, the mission of the group is to “keep our members competitive, informed, ahead and connected through a wide range of resources and benefits.”

These resources include ongoing workshop forums and networking events aimed at developing smaller contractors into ones that can handle bigger and more complex jobs. Also, the sharing of customer information among contractors helps to bring much-needed industry specialization to parts of the state where it’s in high demand.

For example, a contractor in Colorado Springs might be working with a customer that needs foundation work completed on his commercial building. That contractor may not be able to complete work of that sort, but thanks to their membership in the CCA, the building owner can be connected to a verified, trusted CCA member contractor that is qualified to do the work.

This truly is a rising tide lifting all ships, because everyone benefits: the customer, the contractor, and the CCA.

Should Your Contracting Company Join the CCA?

If you’re contemplating membership in the Colorado Contractors Association, consider the benefits as well as the costs. There are multiple member tiers, starting with the free, “Contractor Member” level. That is followed up with the Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold Trailblazer Associate levels, which can cost upwards of $5,000 per year ($5,707 for the Gold level, to be specific).

Each of the more advanced membership levels includes certain perks, like enhanced exposure through advertising and key industry event marketing opportunities if this sounds like something that might be good for your contractor firm, get in touch with the CCA and learn about the various membership opportunities available to you.

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