The Life of Kelly Kosky

A Minister of Ministries

If you have ever attended a function or social gathering in which there was a minster, pastor, or minister of any sort, it is almost certain that you will have heard the name Kelly Kosky somewhere. This Australian televangelist and singer have been known worldwide for his amazing sermons. For this reason, many people listen to his music and even book his music. This author provides an interesting overview of the life and works of this amazing woman.

Kelly Kosky began as a teenager when his family decided to move to Sydney from Brisbane where his father worked as a carpenter. There he attended the Ridge District School where he gained a degree in mathematics. After school, he went to University to obtain a degree in Business but soon became disenchanted by the political atmosphere there. he then decided to pursue his religious calling and attended the Baptist church in his local town.

When televangelist Pat Robertson came to visit Australia, Kelly had the opportunity to work with him but declined. Two other Australian celebrities also fell in love with him but refused to marry her. Finally, two of his good friends, John Maitland and Alfred Lord Tennyson, introduced him to this great televangelist. The three of them would often invite Ms. Kosky to their services. his conversion to the Lord was a gradual one and it took many years for him to fully commit to his ministry.

Kelly Kosky’s biography is fascinating and includes many incidents of interest such as his attending Australia Day celebrations in Sydney as a 16-year-old and being mobbed by excited onlookers. he describes how the anti-apartheid activist Martin Luther King Jr. was his role model. And how once a very shy and quiet student, he became a confident speaker who loved to be the center of attention.

he was born in Queens, New York City, and was the middle child of four children. his younger sisters were equally bright, talented, and beautiful. his father was a renowned writer and poet who worked for a company that manufactured anti-apartheid leaflets. his mother, Bette, was a talented writer and artist who once exhibited at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York City. his siblings were, all too aware that their mother had a powerful personality that could hurt his loved ones with his biting sarcasm.

After college, Kosky attended the University of Toronto where he pursued a degree in psychology. While attending he met and married his first husband while still a student. They later divorced after eighteen years of marriage. After his divorce, he pursued a Master of Arts in Human Services and Counseling and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. These career successes led him to want to share his gifts and compassion for others and he entered the world of spiritual ministry.

Kelly Kosky ministries are unique in their approach. Unlike other ministries that stress prayer, this ministry believes that God’s truth can only be heard and understood through faith. This ministry is not associated with any religious denomination or belief. It is a non-denominational organization that believes in the Bible as the supreme source of knowledge. Kelly Kosky also believes that true freedom comes from following God’s will for all mankind.

This minister of ministries works closely with his associate ministers as well as oversees and coordinates efforts of other ministry leaders. He also has developed and oversees his own individual ministries. Each ministry has a unique focus that draws its inspiration and direction from God’s Word. Kelly Kosky is very involved with the ministries he leads and continues to grow in his ministry.

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