How to Repair Bathrooms Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a very popular material for American bathrooms and have been for decades. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, come in many varieties and look great, but they do crack and break over time. Damaged tiles are an eyesore and they can also allow water and moisture into areas where they shouldn’t be. Luckily, you don’t need a handyman every time one of these tiles cracks, with a little knowledge you can fix it yourself. Here is how to repair cracked or broken ceramic bathrooms tiles.

How to Repair Bathrooms Tiles

You Will Need

  • Grout saw
  • Power drill
  • Masonry drill bit
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Metal spackling / putty knife
  • Notched trowel
  • Ceramic tile adhesive
  • Matching grout
  • Sponge / towel

First you need to remove the cracked or broken tile and prep your work area using the following steps.

Note: Be careful of waterproof membrane behind the tiles during these steps.

  • Use the grout saw to remove the grout surrounding the damaged tiles
  • Use a drill with a masonry bit to drill several holes in the damaged tile. This will make it easier for removal.
  • Use your hammer and chisel to break up and remove the damaged tile. Be careful of adjacent tiles during this process.
  • Use the spackling knife or other tools to remove any leftover adhesive. The cleaner the working surface, the better.
  • Double check that the water proofing membrane is intact.

Now that the work area is cleaned and prepped, you can replace the damaged tile using the following steps.

  • Use a notched trowel or spackling knife to apply ceramic tile adhesive to your work area.
  • Carefully inert your replacement tile. Double check to make sure the tile is lined up correctly with the other tiles and it is flush against the other tiles.
  • Allow the ceramic tile adhesive to dry.
  • Add grout around the new tiles, use a wet sponge or towel to remove excess grout.
  • Allow the grout to dry before getting the new tile wet.

Just like that, you’ve repaired a ceramic bathroom tiles without costing yourself a service call. Use this knowledge to take care off all of your ceramic tile issues moving forward.

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