Mudjacking vs. Polyurethane Concrete Lifting: An In-Depth Comparison

Mudjacking, slab jacking, or pressure grouting involves drilling small holes into the sunken concrete slab and pumping a mixture of water, cement, and soil (often called "slurry") underneath it. This slurry mixture fills voids and exerts enough pressure to lift the slab back to its original level. Once the concrete is restored, the drilled ... More


Colorado Hail Season is About to Heat Up

As warmer years loom, meteorologists warn that Colorado's hail season is poised to become increasingly severe. This outlook aligns with the rising frequency of extreme weather events across the country, from tornado outbreaks in the Midwest to predictions for a formidable hurricane season. Residents and authorities are gearing up for a summer ... More

Touching up paint

How to Select the Right Exterior House Paint for Homes in Colder Climates

When selecting the right exterior house paint for homes in colder climates, there are a few key factors to consider. The first and perhaps most important factor is the type of paint itself. There are two main types of exterior house paint: oil-based and water-based (also known as latex or acrylic).Oil-based paints are generally more ... More

How to Hire a Deck or Patio Contractor

How to Hire a Deck or Patio Contractor

So, you’ve decided to get that new deck or patio you’ve been dreaming of. And, you’ve decided to outsource its construction.Where do you go to find the best deck or patio contractor, and how do you know which one to choose? In this article, we’re offering up some quick advice on selecting the right contractor for the job so that ... More

Tips for Hiring a Pool Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Pool Contractor

The outside thermometer is reading warmer everyday. You spent the winter months dreaming of a sparkling pool to help tame the summer heat and now you’re ready to get one installed. Where do you begin?A swimming pool is both a major purchase and a huge life decision so you do not want to take it lightly and make rash decisions. The ... More