4 Tips for Babyproofing a Home

The only thing that changes when a new baby comes around is everything. Yes your new bundle of joy is the most important thing in your life so you should be doing everything you can to protect them, and that calls for babyproofing your home. An entire home is a lot to work with but babyproofing doesn’t have to be such as headache as long as ... More

Touching up paint

Tips for Touching Up Paint in Your Home

One of the simplest tasks a homeowner can do to freshen up their home’s appearance is touch up their interior paint. For a large repainting project it is likely you will hire a painting company but most touch ups can be taken care of easily by the homeowner. If you want the job to look great you need to follow the same steps as the profes... More

#HireLocal – Hire a Local Contractor

There's no better way to support your local community then by supporting a local home service professional who lives, shares and supports local economic growth.It all started in the small city of Castle Rock Colorado. Last year, Castle Rock was pounded by hail and because of that, residents yards were flooded with out of town, and even ... More

Baking soda

5 Ways to Use Vinegar to Clean

In recent years, more and more people are discovering the cost-effective benefits of using household items in place of expensive cleaning products. Save a little green while you clean, with just one item that most people have in their kitchen. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is used to kill off fungus, viruses and bacteria, and unwanted ... More