4 Tips On Maintaining Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

There is nothing quite like the feel and warmth of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The crackle, the warmth and the ambiance of wood-burning fireplace is something that modern electric or gas fireplaces just can’t recreate. Unlike modern electric and gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces require a little bit more attention to keep them at their safest and most efficient. Here are some tips on properly maintaining your wood-burning fireplace.

Tips On Maintaining Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Always Have a Preseason Inspection

If you want true peace of mind it’s important that you have your wood-burning fireplace inspected every year before you put it to use. Just use the phonebook or internet to find a local reputable fireplace inspector. They will check your fireplace itself, the chimney and the chimney cap. Fireplace inspectors will not only check to see if a fireplace is functioning correctly, but that it also is completely safe for use.

Get the Right Wood

Proper wood for your fireplace should be completely dry and you should try to find wood that was chopped at least 6 months ago. Don’t just grab any wood for your fireplace, make sure you have wood that is designed for use in an indoor fireplace. When not in use, wood for your fireplace should be kept completely dry and out of the way of elements. Place your woodpile in a dry location at least one foot off the ground and drape a watertight tarp over it.

Check Your Fireplace Regularly

You should perform your own inspections regularly on top of your annual inspection. The more often you use your fireplace, the more often you should inspect. Use a flashlight to look up into the fireplace to check for buildup of creosote, soot and any potential clogs at your chimney cap from birds or other animals. If you see buildup in your flue or chimney, have a professional clean it before attempting another fire.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Excessive ash or half-burned logs are never good for your home. Clean your hearth and fireplace regularly to avoid ash and other fireplace exhaust from travelling around your home.

Following these easy steps will insure that you have a happy, healthy hearth with less chance of fire danger or exhaust getting into your home. Here’s looking forward to the cold season and sipping cocoa by your wood-burning fireplace.

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