3 Risks When Doing a Kitchen Remodel Yourself

Many home projects bring up the age-old homeowner dilemma, “Can I do this myself, or should I hire a professional?” With so many things to do around your home, it can be difficult to distinguish what you can do yourself and what should be left to the pros. Many home projects are started spur of the moment without much thought or planning and can quickly leave the homeowner with a mess on their hands.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that you should put down the nail gun and pick up the phone to call a professional. Rock Solid Custom Granite has some things for you to consider if you’re thinking of doing a kitchen remodel yourself.

3 Risks of Doing a Kitchen Remodel All By Yourself

You can make the situation worse, and more expensive, especially if installing cabinetry or countertops yourself. Many overeager homeowners want to tackle every single issue in the house, and while some can no question be accomplished by homeowners with basic skills, there are plenty more that can become substantially worse by an amateur screw up.

Issues like appliance work, HVAC, electric, and plumbing should always be left to certified professionals. Don’t be a homeowner who tries to fix a faulty light switch and ends up having to have their entire floor rewired.

You can injure yourself. If you’re working with a tool, you’re unfamiliar with, or you’re trying to paint your 15-foot cathedral ceiling, you can quickly end up in the ER if you don’t know what you’re doing. Professionals have years of knowledge and practice to help keep them safe on the job. Something homeowners typically don’t.

You can violate building code or do something dangerous or illegal. Building codes exist to keep the home and homeowner safe. If you are attempting amateur renovations, you may be unknowingly violating building codes or directions that keep you safe. That’s why any work that requires pulling a building permit should always be completed by a professional. Keeping the integrity and safety of your home takes higher priority than saving a few bucks.

There are no doubt projects that amateurs can complete on their own, but there are plenty more that you should never be attempting in the first place. If there is ever a question of whether you can accomplish a project, you’re already in deep water, call a professional.

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