3 Hacks to Remove Snow

The winter months have arrived and for many of us and that means the presence of snow and ice along with the painstaking task of removing it. City ordinances and personal convenience often dictate that we must remove snowfall as soon as possible to create clear and safe walkways. There are some things you can do to make this chore less time consuming and back-breaking.

Removing Snow with Hacks

All you need is a tarp and this snow removal method may appeal to you although it does need a little effort. Before a snow storm lay your tarp over the walkway you wish to keep clear. After the snowfall remove, the tarp carrying the snow with it and your task is complete.

You will want to make sure that while your tarp is laid out you have marked the area so that passing pedestrians do not trip on the tarp. The easiest way to do this method of snow removal is by using firewood or rocks to weigh down three corners of your tarp while tying the fourth corner to a post or upright shovel.

By tying one corner in this manner, you will not have to dig through the fallen snow to pick up the tarp. Remember that snow is heavy and this method will need some strength to remove the tarp snow and all.

If you do plan to shovel fallen snow you may want to keep this second tip in mind before doing so. By spraying your snow shovel with cooking oil before snow removal, you will avoid snow sticking to the shovel making your task a little easier.

As discussed before, snow is heavy enough and you don’t need it sticking to your snow shovel. Mechanical spray lubricants such as WD-40 may be substituted for non-stick cooking oil in the event you do not have any on hand.

You can create a home deicing solution that can make the snow removal process easier by eating away at thick layers of built up ice. If you have the necessary ingredients it is better to make a solution at home rather than buy a commercial ice removal solution as the commercial ones tend to be toxic to the surrounding environment and concrete surfaces.

You can make a safer and more cost-effective ice removal solution by combining rubbing alcohol or vinegar with water. For vinegar, the ratio is three parts to one part water and for rubbing alcohol, the ratio is two parts to one part water.

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